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We boost organic rankings, optimize listings, and provide Amazon marketing services to help brands boost their sales and profits from the Amazon platform.


Our Amazon SEO services and ranking solutions are specifically designed for brands looking to expand their presence in Amazon.


We have taken clients’ brands from zero to 7 figures and provided YoY growth ranging from 200% – 4,500%.


We use organic ranking campaigns, social proof, copywriting techniques and KPIs focused on ROI to provide reliable and consistent growth.

Example Results

The below graph is taken from Helium10’s organic rank tracker and shows the increase in visibility achieved by a single one of our campaigns.

This was in a saturated keyword with high competition. The partner was relatively new to the CBD/hemp niche with little to no sales history and had never been on the first page before.

Within a single campaign we took the product to the top of the first page where it remained in the long term, generating a 9X ROI within 3 months.


To see more of the results we have achieved for our clients, take a look at our Clients & Testimonials page.

About our Process

1) Friends & Family

You can run small ranking strategies yourself by asking friends and family to buy products and refunding them.

2) Discounted Giveaways

These have reduced impact in 2020 but were once a primary ranking strategy. Still worthwhile in some instances.

3) Email Lists & Social Media

If you have a big enough audience, you can use them as a larger version of a friends and family ranking campaign

4) SFB Campaigns

Our unique Search, Find, Buy campaigns leverage our huge sales network to generate a large, nationwide version of a friends and family ranking campaign

Our Amazon Marketing Campaigns

We can offer one-time Amazon launch ranking services, or one-off ranking campaigns for a specific keyword.


We also offer full management solutions allowing us to leverage over a decades’ experience to grow your brand.


This involves running monthly organic ranking campaigns to generate up to 1000% sales growth within 6-12 months.


While a low quality or overpriced product will eventually lose ranks again, using one of these campaigns with a product that is truly better than the competition will lead to high rankings in the long term and has allowed several of our clients to dominate high competition niches.


Let’s take a look at how we approach each campaign:

1) Analyzing competition, USPs and listing quality

First we take a detailed look at your niche, the existing competition, and how your USPs align with these.

This would also involve analyzing your listing, images and selling price to be sure your product is attractive enough to potential buyers and that USPs are clear and appealing.

2) Industry leading keyword research

This stage involves identifying all relevant keyword opportunities for your product and marketplace. We are able to get accurate monthly search volumes directly from the Amazon algorithm as well as data on the amount and quality of competing products in each keyword. This allows us to prioritise the keywords in order of competition and potential for sales growth, allowing us to build an effective strategy for moving forward with short term and long term results in mind.

We use a combination of internally-built tools and industry-leading software packages with some manual legwork to complete this stage to a standard not seen anywhere else.

3) Amazon Listing Optimization

This stage is a combination of two main goals. The first is using the keywords found from the previous stage and our experience working with the Amazon A9 algorithm to optimize your listing in a way that will maximise it’s ranking potential. The second is combining the above with traditional copywriting techniques and a natural writing style to help boost conversions and communicate the benefits of your product to potential customers. This results in your listing being in the perfect position to benefit the most from a ranking campaign.

This stage involves analysis of competitor’s listings and USPs, copywriting, title creation and optimization, bullet point optimization, search term optimization and product description writing. It can potentially include product photography, Enhanced Brand Content and image optimization too if necessary.

pet niche

Amazon Ranking Campaigns

Now that all of the above is complete, it’s time to boost your organic ranking in Amazon and increase your sales.


The Amazon A9 algorithm uses numerous factors and data points to organise it’s products. 


The end goal of this is to prioritise products for each keyword, allowing Amazon to provide potential buyers with the product that is most appealing to them. This maximises the amount of sales generated through the Amazon platform and results in the most sales fees for Amazon themselves.


However, we can take advantage of this knowledge and generate a flurry of sales under a specific keyword to dramatically increase your products rank for that keyword.


You may have launched onto page 3 in a competitive niche, with the first page full of established sellers. We can place your product amongst those high-ranked sellers and ensure the vast majority of Amazon users who search a keyword relevant to your product, see your product.


As long as your product is high enough quality, priced attractively, and the above steps were carried out correctly – this results in a guaranteed increase in sales.

The New Version of "Discounted Giveaways"

A few years back, many Amazon sellers used discounted giveaways to push organic ranks.


Amazon didn’t like this, and so they dramatically reduced the ranking impact discounted sales can have.


While discounted giveaways still work to an extent, and can provide benefits in some specific situations – the only way to reliably and consistently boost Amazon ranks in a competitive keyword is through genuine, full priced sales.


We use genuine Amazon users from all around the nation you’re selling in to search, find and buy your product under your chosen keyword. These sales are positioned as a “flurry” over a period of 5-16 days (depending on sales volume and competition) in order to “trick” the Amazon algorithm into seeing an increase in demand for your product. Amazon raises your rank in response, which increases your genuine sales and leads to you sticking in the higher position.

It just works!

Our 10 years+ experience marketing Amazon products, and the in-depth studies and experiments we have carried out to improve our ranking process, mean we are the only Amazon ranking service in the world that can provide a 100% guaranteed ranking result.

If you would like to discuss your product, what we could do for you, or whether we think your product could “stick” in a high position for the long time, please feel free to contact us.

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