Clients & Testimonials

Here we will list testimonials from clients and former clients, as well as case studies and results from previous campaigns. Our proven optimization & ranking process has transformed many Amazon businesses.

We have spent time studying the Amazon A9 algorithm in order to come up with the perfect organic ranking strategy.

It has taken years and hundreds of clients to nail this process, which allows us to rank any product in the Amazon platform without any need for discounted giveaways or giving away thousands of your stock.

Case Study 1: CBD Niche

This graph shows the organic ranking for a client’s product under “hemp oil extract” on Amazon US. This is a highly competitive keyword with thousands of competing products and no major differentiating factors between them. Regardless, we were able to take a brand new product with few reviews and almost no sales history from the 2nd page to the very 1st position on page 1 in less than 1 month.

Case Study 2: Weight loss niche

amazon ranking agency

The above graph shows the organic rank of a clients’ weight loss product, which we were able to take from 35th to 5th in a few short weeks.

This caused a sales increase of 1000% and the rank later moved into 1st place where it remains today.


I was able to transform my business thanks to Derek's hard work and the organic ranking campaigns. My sales grew by 10x and the results allowed me to launch several new products
Health Niche
I was able to rank first in the most competitive keyword in my niche within 2 weeks of working with Derek and was amazed by the growth in sales without needing to spend on PPC
Health Niche
Got to #1 position in a huge keyword with one campaign. Communication is great, can't recommend highly enough.

CBD Niche
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