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Clients & Testimonials

Here we will list testimonials from clients and former clients, as well as case studies and results from previous campaigns. Our proven optimization & ranking process has transformed many Amazon businesses. We have over 300 clients and former clients, so if you want to see further case studies beyond the below, please feel free to contact us.


We have spent time studying the Amazon A9 algorithm in order to come up with the perfect organic ranking strategy.


It has taken years and hundreds of clients to nail this process, which allows us to rank any product in the Amazon platform without any need for discounted giveaways or giving away thousands of your stock.


This is the only Amazon organic ranking service that works 100% of the time. As a result, we get over 100 enquiries per month despite only being able to take on around 5-10 clients per month. Regardless, we endeavour to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours.


Case Study 1: CBD Niche

This graph shows the organic ranking for a client’s product under “hemp oil extract” on Amazon US, back when CBD oil was still allowed on Amazon. This is a highly competitive keyword with thousands of competing products and no major differentiating factors between them. Regardless, we were able to take a brand new product with few reviews and almost no sales history from the 2nd page to the very 1st position on page 1 in less than 1 month. We achieved the same in 5 other priority keywords, taking the brands sales from 0 to $35,000/month in 5 months.


Case Study 2: Weight loss niche

The below graph shows the organic rank of a clients’ weight loss product, which we were able to take from 35th to 5th in a few short weeks.


This caused a sales increase of 1000% and the rank later moved into 1st place thanks to some further optimizations, where it remains today.

amazon ranking agency

Case Study 3: Dog food niche

The below graph shows the organic rank growth achieved in one brief campaign, taking a product from 12th position to 1st position in around 2 weeks. This was achieved for a large dog food client who was able to receive funding from Mars, the confectionary giant. In 12 months, using many other campaigns like this one, we were able to take the brand from a startup selling on Amazon alone, to one of the most successful specialist dog food brands on Amazon, stocked in pet stores around the United States and United Kingdom. 

amazon organic rankings

Case Study 4: Pet niche

This campaign was completed for another client in the pet niche, and resulted in a 250% boost in sales, generating a positive ROI for the client in less than a month.

pet niche

Case Study 5: Covid face masks niche

In 2020, we began working with a global textiles producer who had been selling top quality protective facemasks for years. They found that the outbreak of coronavirus caused thousands of copycat brands to spring up with low quality masks, hoping to make a quick buck of the pandemic. At this time, “face masks” was the most competitive keyword in Amazon by far, and this was made even more difficult by the fact that many of the products did exactly the same thing and were unable to differentiate themselves. Despite this extreme competition, we took the product from 105th position to 1st position and earned it the Amazon’s choice badge in just over 2 months, in a niche, keyword and time where every brand and marketing agency in the world were trying to get a piece of the action.


This resulted in the client’s sales exploding from around 50-100 a day to over 5,000. They quickly ran out of stock due to the sales increase which briefly caused the drop you can see in early October – but this was immediately put right when more stock was available.

amazon organic rank

The below graph is for the same facemask client and product, however, this graph is for the keyword “face masks”. At the time this was the largest and most competitive keyword in the world with over 4 million search volume and over 900,000 competing products. We were able to take the product from rank 300 to the top half of page 1 in a single campaign.


Since then this client has successfully launched 8 new products with similar Amazon organic ranking campaigns and we also managed to earn them #1 bestseller status in the women’s activewear category.

Case Study 6: Skincare niche

The two below graphs show the rank increases for two separate products, both sold by the same skincare client. The first image shows a product that was quickly taken from rank 20 to a top 5 position in under a week. The product remains Amazon’s Choice to this day.

The second screenshot shows a product which was experiencing volatile rank increases and decreases, never spending much time on page 1 and therefore never really getting any sales. In a single campaign we were able to take it to 1st place where it has comfortably sat ever since. Through 6 total campaigns including the two displayed here, the client was able to boost their total sales by over 3,000%.

how to boost your amazon organic rank

Case Study 7: Supplement niche

This client product was an immune system boosting supplement. This made for an ideal case study as not only are supplements the most saturated niche on Amazon, but the client product was a standard immune supplement with no differentiating features. Despite this we were able to overcome the competition and take the product’s baseline from the 5th page to continuously sitting in the top 5.

amazon organic ranking success


I was able to transform my business thanks to Derek's hard work and the organic ranking campaigns. My sales grew by 10x and the results allowed me to launch several new products
Health Niche
I was able to rank first in the most competitive keyword in my niche within 2 weeks of working with Derek and was amazed by the growth in sales without needing to spend on PPC
Health Niche
Got to #1 position in a huge keyword with one campaign. Communication is great, can't recommend highly enough.

CBD Niche